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Issue Position: National Security

Issue Position

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Issue Position: National Security

September 11, 2001 reminded Americans and Louisianans of who we are. It fully opened our eyes to the threat of violent, radical Islamic fundamentalists. We face extremists who advocate for the destruction of America and despise the core values for which we stand. Today we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, central fronts in the fight against Islamic fundamentalism, but the threat is global. Our enemy does not think in terms of borders and pursues a fanatical quest to destroy America and our allies and suppress the world under a radical Islamic government.

However, our broken leadership in Washington has not come together to face this threat. Congress has played politics with our national security, with Senators delaying funding for our troops in harm's way based on their partisan and personal agendas.

John Kennedy is committed to keeping America safe and not playing politics when our men and women are in harm's way. He believes we need a new approach that can unite America and its allies and use all our tools and innovative approaches to protect and defend America.

John didn't wait until he got to Washington to take the actions needed. As State Treasurer, he called for the divestment of public money from U.S. or foreign businesses with links to terrorists. Divestment will eliminate funding that provides resources to extremists targeting America and our allies.

Strengthening Our Military

During the 1990's, military personnel and spending decreased significantly, resulting in an inability to modernize our forces for today's challenges. In order to meet these 21st century challenges, John supports increasing the size of the military as well as spending for defense. Investing in defense means that we can provide our troops with modern equipment and pay for the health care they deserve.

Stronger Alliances

The challenge of defeating Islamic fundamentalism cannot be left to one country. We must revitalize old alliances and create new ones to meet these challenges.

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