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Issue Position: Immigration

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Immigration

In the past decade, the number of illegal immigrants coming to our country has quadrupled, yet the backlog for those patiently waiting in line to enter our country legally has steadily worsened. America's immigration system is backwards and fundamentally broken.

After years of open borders and lax enforcement of existing laws, Washington's failure to pass sound immigration reform and reject amnesty policies is a threat to both our national and economic security.

As Senator, John Kennedy will fight for real immigration reform that ends illegal immigration, while respecting the legal immigration that has been a great source of pride and strength for America.

First, he will secure our borders. Congress has committed to building a physical and technological fence along the southern border, but it remains unfinished. John will follow through on this commitment.

Second, John will reject any proposal that gives amnesty to illegal immigrants. A special pathway to citizenship or permanent residence for illegal immigrants is wrong and unfair to those playing by the rules and waiting their turn to enter our country legally.

Third, he believes we must streamline our process to respect our nation's great tradition of legal immigration. Welcoming new, hard-working legal immigrants in pursuit of the American dream adds vitality, culture, and innovation to our country.

John recognizes that while we are a nation of immigrants, we also are a nation of laws. As Senator, he will fight for immigration policies that strengthen our country, help our economy, and respect the rule of law.

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