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Issue Position: Immigration

Issue Position


Freedom. Vast numbers of men and women have died to obtain it and to keep it.

If there is any single word that describes America, it is this: Freedom. Freedom to worship God. Freedom to vote. Freedom to speak one's opinions. Freedom to own private property.

The human soul yearns for freedom. God has placed in the heart of every human being the desire to be free.

It is this yearning for freedom that motivated brave colonists and pioneers to overcome enormous obstacles to carve a new nation on a continent far from home.

The beacon of freedom has attracted millions of immigrants to America and has instilled in them the desire to become Americans . . . to learn English . . . to build a new life for themselves and their families - an American life, and to eventually become American citizens.

Yes, we have always been a nation of immigrants.

But today we face the challenge of a new influx of people from other countries who are coming here illegally. By definition if it is illegal, then it is not immigration, because immigration is an orderly, legal process.

What we are confronted with today is an invasion by illegal aliens.

Besides the illegality and the criminality of the situation, there is a new motive for coming to America. The motive is not freedom in the classic sense of the word, nor is it a desire to be fully American. The underlying motive of illegal aliens is economic. It is about money, making it and also sending it out the country.

Illegal immigration is creating stress on our education, health care, and social services systems - all at the expense of America taxpayers.

Additionally, taxpayers are saddled with the soaring costs of prosecuting criminal activity by illegal aliens and for jail and prison costs of illegals convicted of crimes.

As your Congressman, I will lead the fight to stop the inflow of illegal aliens.

I will immediately sponsor legislation to:

1. Secure our borders by all means necessary.

2. Ban the possibility of giving Amnesty to illegal aliens.

3. Require illegal aliens to return to their home countries and allow them to return to the United States only after they comply with immigration law.

4. Make English the official language of the United States.

5. Eliminate the spending of tax dollars on benefits and services for illegal aliens.

6. Deport illegal aliens who commit felonies.

7. Cut off federal funds to states and cities that declare themselves "sanctuaries" for illegal aliens.

8. Impose serious fines on businesses found to knowingly, willing hire illegal aliens. If we cut off the jobs that are the economic motive for crossing our borders illegally, the illegal aliens will self-deport.

9. Discontinue the practice of granting automatic American citizenship to babies born here, but whose parents are illegal aliens.

We will always welcome legal immigrants to the United States. We will welcome their willingness to work. We will welcome the positive contributions that they can make to our society. We will encourage them to purse the American Dream. And when they become citizens, we will gladly call them Our Fellow Americans.

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