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Issue Position: Right to Life

Issue Position


The most fundamental right is the Right to Life. Abortion is a pernicious evil. It is the wanton taking of innocent human life for the selfish reasons of others.

Abortion is an evil predicated upon lies. The lie that unborn babies are just masses of cells or blobs of tissue. The lie that one class of human has the right to kill another.

Nearly 50 million tiny, defenseless children have been aborted since the Supreme Court's infamous Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. This is our national sin, shame, and disgrace.

It is a perversion of medicine. It is a perversion of law.

I will defend the Right to Life from conception until natural death.

To me being Pro Life is far more than a "political position." It is a matter of conscience. And it is matter of medical and scientific truth - life begins at conception.

As a family doctor, I have had the high privilege of helping to bring hundreds of babies into this world. No one can tell me that these babies are not human while in their mother's womb. No one can tell me that they are not God's creation. No one can tell me that they do not deserve to be born! Every birth has an aspect of the divine and the miraculous.

As a physician, I have spent 31 years saving the lives of patients. As a Congressman, I will work to save the lives of America's most defenseless, innocent, and vulnerable - the unborn babies.
My credentials as a physician make me a compelling Advocate for Life.

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