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Issue Position: Safeguarding Our Homeland Security

Issue Position

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September 11th awakened our nation to the fact that we have enemies ready and willing to attack America any way they can. Our nation must remain vigilant in its efforts to combat terrorism and protect all Americans. In the war against terrorism, failure is not an option.

Police and firefighters have always put their lives on the line every day to protect us, but now they are being asked to do so in even more dangerous situations. These first responders, along with EMTs, hospital employees, the National Guard, airport security screeners and private security officers have become a critical element of America's homeland security efforts.

Shortly after September 11th, Congresswoman Berkley convened a meeting with southern Nevada's first responders and has since continued to meet regularly with these officials. Representative Berkley advocated on behalf of southern Nevada's first responders and apprized her colleagues in the House of Representatives and officials at the Department of Homeland Security regarding the unique needs of the Las Vegas Valley.

Because Las Vegas is one of the world's top tourist destinations, Congresswoman Berkley has fought to ensure that local first responders were given funds to protect not only the 1.5 million residents in the Las Vegas Valley, but also the 35 million annual visitors to our community. Representative Berkley also worked to ensure that additional federal resources were provided to protect Hoover Dam.

Along with Representative Berkley's focus on our own first responders, Shelley has been a national force for reforming aviation security. As a member of the key Aviation Subcommittee, Berkley oversees all changes made for our nation's airports and planes. McCarran International Airport is essential to the Las Vegas travel and tourism industry, and Berkley has worked closely with officials at McCarran Airport to ensure that security needs are met.

Congresswoman Berkley is committed to:

Providing resources for first responders

+ Voted to add $1.6 billion more than the President's budget in homeland security funding, including additional funding for first responders, port security, and aviation security.

+ Secured $1.8 million for the City of North Las Vegas to hire 25 police officers.

+ Cosponsored legislation to establish a grant program for local law enforcement to acquire public safety communications systems and secured funds for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to purchase communications equipment so first responders can take effective and coordinated action in the case of a terrorist attack.

Protecting our nation's transportation systems

+ Voted for the Aviation Security bill which created the Transportation Security Administration and required the screening of baggage and passengers and fortifying cockpit doors.

+ Led the fight to add security screeners at McCarran International Airport and secure funding for screening equipment.

+ Supports efforts to secure our trains, buses and other public transportation systems.

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