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Issue Position: Energy / Environment / Climate Change: Innovation Agenda

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Energy / Environment / Climate Change: Innovation Agenda

In answering President John F. Kennedy's bold call to put a man on the moon, America unleashed unprecedented technological advances that built the world's most vibrant economy. The talent, intellect, and entrepreneurial spirit of the American people that made this nation the leader is being seriously challenged by other countries. Americans must continue to innovate in order to create new thriving industries that will produce millions of good jobs here at home and a better future for the next generation.

Over the past two years, House Democrats led forums across this country with leaders from the academic, high-technology, venture capital, biotech, and telecommunications sectors, as well as with students and young entrepreneurs. Using their expertise and advice, we developed solutions that will help guarantee our national security and prosperity, expand markets for American products, and assert economic leadership throughout the world in the decades to come.

The Innovation Agenda: A Commitment to Competitiveness to Keep America #1 will:

* Create a new generation of innovators: an educated, skilled workforce in the vital areas of science, math, engineering, and information technology
* Make a sustained federal research and development commitment that promotes private sector innovation
* Achieve energy independence, strengthen our national security, and protect our planet by developing emerging technologies for clean and sustainable alternatives
* Spur affordable access to broadband technology for all Americans
* Provide small businesses with the tools to encourage entrepreneurial innovation and job creation throughout our economy

Our future prosperity demands that we initiate this sustained financial and intellectual investment in innovation. Our competitiveness in a global economy also relies on ensuring that our children and grandchildren are not burdened by failed fiscal policies that have exploded the national debt. That is why we will submit these priorities to the rigors of "pay-as-you-go" budgeting to ensure that new spending or tax cuts do not add to the deficit.

The American people have always excelled at leading the world. With this bold agenda, our nation will continue to be the world leader in education, innovation, and economic growth. In the words of President Kennedy, "We intend to be first."

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