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Issue Position: Pro-Family Issues

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Congressman Lamborn supports traditional family values. These issues include the definition of marriage, the central role of the family, and the protection of religious rights. He is also very pro-life, which can be seen nearby in another position paper under that heading. He believes that America will only be strong and prosperous as long as there are healthy families, strong marriages, defined as one man and one women, and active religion.

As Congressman Lamborn goes into his second year, he has allied himself with strong defenders of traditional values within Congress. He is active in the Values Action Team, the Pro-Life Caucus, the Republican Study Committee, the Constitution Caucus, and other advocates of the values America was founded upon.

Our Judeo-Christian heritage is under attack from those who think that freedom of religion means freedom from religion. One bill that protects our religious heritage is the Public Protection Act of 2007, which Lamborn has co-sponsored. Protecting the Pledge of Allegiance is one of many traditional values that Congressman Lamborn supports in Congress, as well as throughout his years in the state legislature. While in the state legislature he showed leadership by being the Senate sponsor of a successful bill requiring school districts to allow students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. He also showed leadership by being on the conference committee when Colorado adopted the Defense of Marriage Act, which prevents other states from forcing Colorado to adopt their alternative definitions of marriage.

At both the state and the federal level Congressman Lamborn has fought to protect children from Internet predators and ography, to protect married couples from discriminatory income taxation, to promote easier adoption, and numerous other pro-family and traditional values.

Lamborn does his best to live by the traditional family values he promotes. He and his wife Jeanie have been happily married more than 30 years. They have five children who are each successful in their own ways, including a daughter who is married, and four boys, each of whom became Eagle Scouts.

Legislative Action in Congress:

* H.R. 2134 - Co-sponsored a bill limiting services to minors by family- planning projects without parental involvement under title X of the Public Health Service Act

* H.R. 2432 - Co-sponsored a bill to extend the abstinence education program

* H.R. 2104 - Co-sponsored the Public Prayer Protection Act of 2007

* H.R. 699 - Co-sponsored the Pledge Protection Act of 2007

* H.R. 367 - Co-sponsored the Gang Elimination Act of 2007

* H.R. 2084 - Co-sponsored the Family Budget Protection Act 2007

* H.R. 1120 - Co-sponsored the Deleting Online Predators Act of 2007

* H.R. 2510 - Co-sponsored a bill to require the inscription "In God We Trust" to appear on the face of the $1 coins honoring each of the Presidents of the United States

* H.R. 471 - Co-sponsored the Adoption Tax Relief Guarantee Act of 2007

* H.R. 3559 - Co-sponsored a bill to require the FCC, in enforcing its regulations concerning the broadcast of indecent programming, to maintain a policy that a single word or image may be considered indecent

* H.R. 724 - Co-sponsored the Marriage Protection Act of 2007

* H.Con.Res. 284 - Co-sponsored resolution proclaiming 2008 as the Year of the Bible

Legislative Action in State Legislative:

* HB 04 -1078 - Sponsored legislation that would prohibit commercial establishments from displaying sexually explicit materials where minors might be present

* SB 05 -140 - Sponsored legislation that would have refused to recognize civil unions that were sanctioned in other states

* HB 04 -1004 -Sponsored legislation that would require libraries to install anti-ography software so that children would not be exposed to obscene material

* Sponsored and passed a statutory amendment to the Colorado Children's Code which established a parent's right to direct the upbringing, discipline, and values of their children

* Was on the conference committee when Colorado adopted the Defense of Marriage Act

Conservative Pro-Family Caucuses:

* Republican Study Committee

* Pro-Life Caucus

* Constitution Caucus

* Theme Team

* Values Action Team

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