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Congressman Lamborn believes human life begins at conception, also know as fertilization, and ends at natural death. He has worked tirelessly throughout his 12 years in the state legislature and into his second year in Congress defending the right to life of the unborn and those facing euthanasia. He opposes embryonic stem cell research that destroys human embryos, as well as human cloning. On the positive side, he supports adult stem cell research because it is not destructive of human life and has shown much more success and promise for medical progress.

Congressman Lamborn has both led the way and supported others legislatively. While in the state legislature he introduced legislation four times, unsuccessfully, to limit post-viability, or late-term, abortion. He was successful, however, as the Senate sponsor of a bill to prohibit trafficking in fetal body parts. He also introduced, sponsored, and co-sponsored many other pro-life bills.

In Congress also, Congressman Lamborn is a staunch supporter of life. Various amendments and bills he has co-sponsored and letters he has written are described below. These include the Right to Life Act, declaring the unborn as persons from the moment of fertilization, the Parental Notification and Intervention Act of 2007, and the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act.

Legislative Action in Congress:

* H.R. 618 - Co-sponsored the Right to Life Act

* H.R. 1063 - Co-sponsored the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act

* H.R. 1295 - Co-sponsored the Parental Notification and Intervention Act of 2007

* H.R. 322 - Co-sponsored the Alternative Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapies Enhancement Act of 2007

* H.R. 1153 - Co-sponsored the Parental Right to Decide Protection Act

* H.R. 1457 - Co-sponsored the Post-Abortion Depression Research and Care Act of 2007

* H.R. 471 - Co-sponsored the Adoption Tax Relief Guarantee Act of 2007

* H.R. 2564 - Co-sponsored the Human Cloning Prohibition Act of 2007

* H.R. 223 - Co-sponsored the Informed Choice Act which allows the Secretary of Health and Human Services to make grants valuable to nonprofits for the purchase of ultrasound machines

* H.R. 63 - Co-sponsored RU-486 Suspension and Review Act re-examine the use of mifepristone as an abortion drug

* H.R. 5032 - Co-sponsored the Ultrasound Informed Consent Act which would require abortionists to perform an ultrasound, give the mother opportunity to see the baby, and explain the results of the ultrasound

Legislative Action in State Legislature:

* SB 06 -158 - Sponsored a Terri Schiavo type of bill that would have prohibited the ending of life by withholding nourishment and artificial hydration

* HB 03 -1214 - Co-sponsored a successful bill that requires written notification to be provided to either a relative or parent of a minor child of a pending abortion by a minor

* HB 00 -1468 - Senate sponsor of successful bill prohibiting the acquisition, receipt, or transfer of fetal body parts

* HB 97 - 1150 - Sponsored a bill that would have required a physician to determine if a fetus is viable before a late-term abortion, and required a second physician to be present to provide immediate medical care if infant is alive

* HB 97-1136 - Co-sponsored a bill that would have banned partial birth abortions in Colorado

* HB 02-1319 - Sponsored legislation that would define being born alive to include every infant human being who is born alive at any stage of development

Letters Signed:

* June 11, 2007 - Letter to Energy & Commerce Committee on Title V abstinence education funding

* May 10, 2007 - Letter to Judiciary Committee on holdings hearings on Right to Life legislation

* April 27, 2007 - Letter in Support for Portugal's current abortion-related laws

Pro-Life Groups on Lamborn:

* Colorado Right to Life rates Sen. Lamborn 100% -2006

* Christian Coalition of Colorado rates Sen, Lamborn 100% -2006

* Friend of Life rates Sen, Lamborn 100% -2006

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