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Issue Position: Immigration Reform

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It is essential for any country's survival to have control over its own borders. The situation today in the United States, however, with 11 to 12 million illegal aliens living here, shows that we do not have control over our borders. We must gain this control, including internal control through better employment verification and enforcement, before we can move on to longer-term solutions. Amnesty should not be allowed because it sends a wrong message to those who are going through the proper, legal channels to gain citizenship. Also, amnesty was tried in the 1980's and has not worked. Indeed the problem has only gotten worse.

To help the problem at a local level, Congressman Lamborn was instrumental in creating a local office for ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). He had previously introduced H.R. 3293 to require the Department of Homeland Security to set up such an office within their existing budget. This, along with the help of local and state elected officials, led to ICE proposing in January to not only build a local office but to increase local ICE investigators from two to ten. This is the type of leadership Congressman Lamborn has shown at both the federal and state levels.

Securing our borders is important not just for economic but also for national security reasons. It can be done through a physical barrier in populated areas and high-tech surveillance in remote areas. More border patrol agents should be hired. Internal security means having verification process in place which can be relied upon by business, along with appropriate penalties for those who ignore it. If illegal immigrants were not easily able to find employment, much of the problem would go away. Also, tamper-proof, reliable ID should be available for those non-citizens wishing to work here legally.

Congressman Lamborn has on many occasions supported legislation better enforcing our current immigration laws, dedicating resources to border security, and not allowing various benefits to those who have come here illegally. He would support legislation penalizing local governments that give sanctuary to those breaking our nation's laws. He did not support the Senate legislation in the summer of 2007 that would have given a form of amnesty to those here illegally, and is pleased that the American people through grassroots opposition helped defeat that legislation.

Legislative Action in Congress:

* H.R. 3293 - Sponsored a bill to direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to establish an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in El Paso County, Colorado - 2007

* H. Res. 499 - Co-sponsored a resolution expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the Administration should rigorously enforce the laws of the United States to substantially reduce illegal immigration and greatly improve border security

* H.R. 563 - Co-sponsored a resolution seeking a pardon for Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean

* H. Con. Res. 218 - Co-sponsored a resolution expressing the sense of Congress regarding United States immigration and border security laws

Legislative Action in State Legislature:

* HB 05-1271 - Sponsored a bill that would have banned state dollars from going to illegal immigrants other than what is already mandated by federal law

* HB 06-1343 - Co-sponsored legislation to require public contractors to verify new hire's social security numbers with the federal government
* SB 06-206 - Co-sponsored legislation to greatly enhance criminal penalties against illegal immigrant smugglers

Illegal Immigration Reform Leaders on Doug Lamborn:

* Colorado Alliance for a Secure America (CASA), Colorado's only anti-illegal immigration group endorsed Senator Lamborn - 2006

* State Rep. Dave Schultheis, the Colorado State House leader on illegal immigration reform endorsed Senator Lamborn for Congress - 2006, 2008
* Minuteman Political Action Committee endorsed Senator Lamborn for Congress - 2006

Letters Signed:

* February 27, 2007 - Letter to Speaker Pelosi, and Reps. Conyers, Thompson, and Waxman regarding the two distinguished border patrol agents, who have been convicted and sentenced to federal prison for shooting a habitual Mexican drug smuggler, who was in the country illegally

* February 28, 2007 - Letter to Reps. Mollohan and Frelinghuysen urging that the appropriations committee include funding for the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program

* March 29, 2007 - Letter to President Bush urging him to continue efforts to enforce laws that ensure that employers do not hire illegal immigrants

* March 29, 2007 - Letter to Speaker Pelosi asking her not to bring amnesty legislation to the floor

Caucus Joined:

* Immigration Reform Caucus

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