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Issue Position: The Second Amendment

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The right to keep and bear arms is one of our most fundamental Constitutional protections. Congressman Lamborn will defend this right to the utmost, as he has done into his second year in Congress and throughout his 12 years in the state legislature. He has uniformly been given A+ or 100% ratings by knowledgeable gun rights groups, such as the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America. This Constitutional right is not collective, but is individual, and is not for hunting or target practice, but for self-defense.

The current Supreme Court case involving the District of Columbia gun ban, and whether the Second Amendment is an individual or a collective right, has spurred many Congressmen to action, including Congressman Lamborn. He has signed onto the amicus brief along with 250 other Congressmen and 55 Senators asking the Supreme Court to uphold the favorable lower court ruling.

Another way that Congressman Lamborn has shown leadership on this vital issue is in July, 2007, when he organized a number of conservative Congressmen to join him in a letter to the director of OSHA. At the time, OSHA was proposing ill-considered regulations that would have the made small arms ammunition much more difficult to buy and sell at the retail level. After receiving this letter, OSHA immediately threw out the proposed regulations. The NRA acknowledged Lamborn's leading role on this problem in news updates to its members.

Lamborn was also a leader on the gun rights issue at the state level. He introduced successful legislation creating the Shooting Range Protection Act, which gives existing shooting ranges protection even when development may spring up later around them. He introduced shall-issue concealed carry permit legislation, although other legislation ultimately became enacted. He supported gun manufactures' liability exemption, preemption of restrictive local government regulations, and many other measures defending the Second Amendment.

Congressman Lamborn will never support legislation to restrict weapons based on cosmetic appearance, to discriminate against handguns, to create databases of gun owners, to regulate how private citizens store guns on their own property, to limit the use of concealed carry permits, or to do anything else to erode this vital Constitutional safeguard.

Legislative Action in Congress:

* H.R. 1897 - Co-sponsored the National Park Second Amendment Restoration and Personal Protection Act of 2007 which allows for firearms to be carried in National Parks

* H.R. 5434 - Co-sponsored the Protect Americans from Violent Crime Act of 2008, which would prohibit the National Park Service and the National Wildlife Refuge System from creating and enforcing regulations that infringe on 2nd Amendment rights. The legislation is known as an effort of Reps. Hersarling, Flake, and Lamborn.

* H.R. 1399 - Co-sponsored the District of Columbia Personal Protection Act

Legislative Action in State Legislature:

* HB 98-1170 - Sponsored successful bill to protect shooting ranges from future zoning changes

* SB 03-63 - Sponsored a bill attempting to institute concealed carry with very limited restrictions

* HB 04-1281 - Co-sponsored legislation that allowed state wide concealed carry

* HB 06-1246 - Senate sponsor of stand-your-ground legislation that would have extended "Make my Day" to cars, hotels, and businesses

* SB 03-02 - Co-sponsored legislation that successfully preempted Colorado citizens from restrictive municipal gun control laws by declaring gun-related laws a matter of statewide concern

* HB 00-1208 - Co-sponsored legislation which successfully protected firearms or ammunition manufacturers from liability if their product are used in a crime

Letters Signed:

* February 15, 2008 - Letter to President Bush asking the Solicitor General to withdraw his current Dept. Of Justice Brief on the DC gun ban case and instead re-file a brief that reflects supporting Second Amendment Rights for DC citizens

* July 11, 2007 - Letter to Dept. of Labor on Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) protesting proposed regulations on small arms ammunition storage and transport and signed by many other Members of Congress

* May 25, 2007 - Letter to Bureau of Land Management on recreational shooting on public lands

2nd Amendment leaders on Doug Lamborn:

* Endorsed by Gun Owners of America (GOA) and Rocky Mountain Gun Owners (RMGO) -2006

* As State Senator earned a 100% rating from RMGO - 2006

* Only Candidate in the 5th CD to have been rated by NRA: A (1994), A+ (1996), A+ (1998), A+ (2002)

* Lamborn has also been endorsed by the NRA in the years listed above

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