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Issue Position: Issues

Joseph Kexel holds the following postions:

First and foremost, the U.S. Constitution must be followed, as written.

That is my primary position and it should not be considered to be trivial. So much of what goes on in Washington has nothing to do with the Constitution. It appears to be more of a consolidation of power. I strongly believe that following the Constitution will solve many of our current problems.

■ The war in Iraq was not declared according to the Constitution. As such, we must stop funding it. I feel that the money spent is not making us safer. Terrorists use the fact we are in their countries as a recruitment tool. We are feeding the terrorist organizations by invading countries.

■ The writ of habeas corpus, according to our Constution, should stand unless we have a rebellion or invasion. The Great Writ goes deeper than the Constitution, it is a common law human right.

■ Healthcare is an issue for the free market. It should be left to the individual. Nowhere in the Constitution does it allow the Federal Government to be the medical insurer of the citizens. The central issue of health care is that the individual owns themselves. They should be the ultimate decision maker for their care.

■ The Income Tax should be repealed. Though the 16th Amendment is said to give the power to have an income tax. The supreme court claimed that NO new powers of taxation were created. Taking money from one person to give to another is not claimed in the Constitution. An important note is only about 1/3 of the income of the Federal Government comes from the income tax. If, we had the fortitude to cut spending to Constitutionally allowed programs, we would not need the income tax. It is that simple!

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