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Blackburn: No August Break Without Relief at the Pump


Location: Washington, DC

Blackburn: No August Break Without Relief at the Pump

Demands debate on legislation to Increase American energy production

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (TN-7) today admonished the Democrat leadership in Congress for voting to skip town before taking steps to ensure that Americans can afford their own family vacation. Democrat House leaders scheduled a vote on Wednesday afternoon to adjourn for August recess before scheduling votes on any legislation to expand American energy production and provide Tennesseans relief at the pump. The resolution passed by one vote, 213-212.

"By voting to take a summer break, the liberal leadership in Congress once again demonstrated they're unmoved by the growing pressure energy prices are placing on Tennessee families. Congress has the ability and responsibility to solve the energy crisis. Apparently all that is lacking in the Democrat leadership is the will to do so. Congress must take action on expansion of American natural resource production, tax incentives for alternative energy, and sound conservation efforts.

"A razor-thin margin of one vote tells American families all they need to know: liberal Democrat leaders would rather twist their Members' arms in pandering to extreme environmental activists than listen to constituents' crying out for relief at the pump. 195 Republicans and 17 Democrats agree that American energy independence is a goal worth working for. I am willing to stay and work as long as it takes to achieve this goal, and call on the Democrat leadership to do the same."

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