Issue Position: Spending

Issue Position

By:  Marsha Blackburn
Location: Unknown

Congressman Blackburn is a staunch advocate of the American taxpayer and has fought legislation to raise taxes at every turn.

While in the Tennessee Senate, Blackburn led a statewide grassroots campaign to defeat the proposed state income tax.

An advocate for reducing government spending, each year Blackburn has sponsored three bills to require across the board spending cuts in the Federal budget during the 108th Congress.

As a member of the fiscally responsible Republican Study Committee (RSC), Congressman Blackburn introduced the American Taxpayer Bill of Rights, a new initiative to protect the American taxpayer. The event was the kickoff of a massive grassroots effort to revamp how the federal government collects and spends taxpayer dollars. She believes that taxpayers have a right to have a fiscally responsible federal government that protects the social security trust fund, holds the line on taxes, produces a simple, understandable and fair tax code.

The National Taxpayers Union has bestowed the title of "Friend of the Taxpayer" upon Blackburn three times and recently named her the 7th best legislator on tax issues for the 109th Congress.

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