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Consumer Energy Supply Act of 2008

Location: Washington, DC

CONSUMER ENERGY SUPPLY ACT OF 2008 -- (House of Representatives - July 24, 2008)


Mrs. BLACKBURN. I thank the gentleman from Texas for his leadership on this issue. Indeed, he understands how the people of our great Nation, and certainly of my district of Tennessee, are suffering with the increase in the price at the pump that they have seen since January of 2007. In my district of Tennessee, this has changed. So I have come to the floor today to oppose this bill because it is the wrong bill at the wrong time.

And one of the things that we have come to realize, and I think it's been a painful realization for many people, is they have watched the Democrat leadership of this House. They have seen that the Democrat majority is not wanting to take the action that is necessary to address the issue, whether we're talking about short term for immediate relief, mid-range so that we can address what is coming next, and then long term so that little children, like my new grandson who is 2 months old, will have a consistent steady and dependable energy supply.

Indeed, releasing a portion of the SPR is the wrong move now. Americans are wanting to see American solutions and American exploration take place to address this issue.

Congress has the ability to do that, and we continue to be blocked from taking the necessary actions by the liberal leadership that is choosing to not take the actions necessary to address this.

Our Nation is being placed at risk. Not only our energy security, but our national security is placed at risk by the actions of a kick-the-can Congress who wants to just finish it out, get away for an August recess, and not address the issue at hand. At $4 a gallon, the price at the pump, indeed it is time for us to take action.


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