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Republican Energy Policy

Location: Washington, DC

REPUBLICAN ENERGY POLICY -- (House of Representatives - July 29, 2008)


Mrs. BLACKBURN. If the gentleman will yield, first of all, I thank you for your leadership on the issue, because we all appreciate it, those of us in Republican Study Committee, and the Republican Conference, and I think the American people appreciate the leadership and the insight that you have brought to this issue.

Of course, at Energy and Commerce Committee I have had the opportunity to watch your leadership, even going back as we were working on the 2005 Energy Policy Act.

And I would imagine that some of our constituents who are at home and watching us carry out this colloquy and this discussion here on the floor are thinking, they are talking about coal. Now, I thought coal was a dirty fuel, and I sometimes will hear people talk about carbon emissions and not wanting to use coal because of the emissions that go into the air and not wanting to use that natural resource.

Now, we all know that there are clean coal technologies that will prevent that. But I think that those who are sharing this discussion with us tonight would appreciate hearing just a little bit about some of the clean coal technologies that would allow the use of this vast supply of coal.

You know, most people refer to the United States as the Saudi Arabia of coal. We have got more than anyone else. And we have good, bright engineers and innovators who are using those skills and gifts to figure out ways to use this coal in an environmentally friendly way. And I would love to hear the gentleman's comments on that.


Mrs. BLACKBURN. If the gentleman will yield.

You always make this point so beautifully. And the point is the technologies are there and available and ready to be used that would allow for clean coal usage.

So it really adds to the point that we all make, all-of-the-above: Short, mid-range, and long-range projects. That's what we need to address the energy issue. Making good use, being wise stewards of all of our natural resources, whether it is oil or gas or coal, whether it is switchgrass and waste that we can use for biodiesels and renewables. Whether it is the engineers and their ability to develop new nuclear that is safe and will help power our electric power. Looking at wind, looking at hydroelectric, depending on what those God-given natural resources are that we have at our disposal to you.


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