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The Schuring Plan for Jobs and Families

Press Release

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Level the Playing Field for Fair Global Competition

1. Implement Tax Reform: Our tax system needs to be simplified so that it is less burdensome and easier to understand … and we need to lower capital gains taxes to help spur investment.
2. Implement Legal Reform: Crack down on the frivolous lawsuits that cost money, impede creativity and productivity, and ultimately cost jobs.
3. Implement Regulatory Reform: Regulation should be based on a cost-benefit analysis and should be uniformly applied and easy to understand.
4. Make Healthcare Affordable: Use free market principles to give consumers more choices. When there are more choices there will be more competition. When there is more competition, quality will go up and prices will go down.
* Example: Through the use of employer reimbursement accounts and health savings accounts, and a $5,000 per person tax credit to purchase health insurance and help cover health care costs. As a result, people will have more choices and more freedom to get the best care for their situation.
5. Increase America's Global Competitiveness: Level the global playing field by reforming unfair trade laws and ensuring Americans are able to compete with China, Europe, and the rest of the world. Example: American companies, like Wooster Brush, make quality products. However, these success stories are under siege by Chinese manufacturers that illegally copy these products and dump them into the American market. Federal inaction has cost American jobs. We must speed up the response time when facing these law breaking actions.

Provide American Businesses With Tools For Success

1. Make America an Energy Leader by Achieving Energy Independence: We need to start by repealing the Congressional moratorium on drilling and exploring for oil offshore and in ANWR. In addition, we must aggressively encourage investment in Advanced and Alternative Energy Solutions such as wind, solar, nuclear and clean coal technology.
* The Bottom Line: We transfer billions of dollars to foreign nations every year in exchange for oil. For this to stop, we must increase domestic production and invest in these long-term. If we don't make these crucial changes, high gas and oil prices will continue to negatively impact businesses' ability to grow and maintain their workforce.
2. Improve and Expand America's Transportation System: A top-quality transportation system is critically important to this region's diverse economy. Freight traffic is growing exponentially as farmers, manufacturers, and small businesses transport goods and raw materials in and out of our district in a timely manner.
3. Create Economic Empowerment Zones: These zones recognize the unique characteristics of our region by maximizing our assets. They will create collaboration between the private sector and government that will encourage growth and create jobs.
* Example: Put a response initiative in place to save and retain jobs. This can be accomplished by strengthening partnerships between industry and government. This gives long-standing businesses an opportunity to remain strong here for years to come.
* Example: Secure seed capital for businesses looking to expand and grow jobs by strengthening the relationship between the public and private sectors. For example, those companies who are producing America's next generation of energy, such as wind, solar and nuclear should have incentives to locate in our district - this can only occur with a business-friendly climate and a strong synergy between the private and public sectors.
* Example: Create a synergy between education and industry that will result in a powerful local economic development engine. We'll encourage coordination between education institutions and businesses to maximize research and development, workforce development and job-specific training.

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