Issue Position: Choice

Issue Position

By:  John Dingell

"In 2004, I received a 90 percent score on choice from Planned Parenthood. I have voted to protect a woman's right to choose under Roe v. Wade and will continue to fight to uphold this constitutionally protected right." Congressman John D. Dingell


· In the 108th Congress Dingell cosponsored and voted for legislation to protect pregnant women from violent crimes without rolling back a woman's right to choose. He opposed legislation that cynically used this issue to undermine the right to choose by conferring "personhood" on an unborn fetus.

· Fought far right Republican attempts to undermine science-based decisions at the FDA regarding the availability of emergency contraception. Emergency contraception is 89 percent effective and particularly beneficial to victims of rape, however, it is one of the most underutilized, misunderstood and least known forms of contraceptives. Unfortunately, the Bush Administration has rejected the sound scientific advice of the FDA scientific advisory panel and caved to the demands of this right wing minority, delaying indefinitely expanded access to this important contraceptive.

· Voted to remove the ban that blocks military service members or their dependents from access to abortion services at overseas U.S. military hospitals.

· Sponsored Insurance Coverage for Contraception to require companies that have a prescription drug benefit to cover contraceptives.

· Voted against a ban prohibiting the use of federal funds for abortions under Medicaid.

· Sponsored Emergency Contraception Education Act to provide money to the Centers for Disease Control for purpose of education women and doctors about emergency contraception.

· Voted to lift the "global gag rule" that prohibits foreign non-governmental organizations that - even with their own funds - either perform abortions, provide counseling or referrals for abortions, or speak publicly about a country's abortion laws.

· Sponsored legislation that condemns attacks against reproductive health centers.

· Sent a letter to Secretary Thompson condemning the Administration's announcement that they plan to extend health care benefits to "unborn children" through the CHIP program. This language needlessly politicizes a vital program that provides healthcare coverage to America's most vulnerable children.

· Voted and sent a letter in support of the United Nation Population Fund. For more than 30 years, the U.S. has supported these international family planning programs to enable women in the poorest regions of the world to receive voluntary family planning and reproductive health services. These services help reduce overpopulation, starvation and poverty but are unfairly targeted for elimination by abortion opponents.

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