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Issue Position: Border Security

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As a former Chairman of the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Borders and Infrastructure, Dave Camp knows that in a post-9/11 world protecting our borders and ports of entry is more important than ever before. Dave is committed to securing our borders, providing law enforcement agencies with all the resources, technology and security personnel they need. Congressman Camp believes we need to continue America's rich legacy of legal immigration and temporary workers, especially for Michigan farmers who depend on foreign laborers during the growing season, but demand no-nonsense penalties for aliens who are in American unlawfully.

Congressman Camp does not support granting illegal aliens amnesty. A declaration of amnesty by illegal aliens for too long has been a crutch of those who wish us harm. The 9/11 Commission found that a number of terrorists abused the asylum system. This law strengthens judges' ability to determine whether asylum seekers are credible and to consider the circumstances and all relevant factors. Dave also supported this legislation to strengthen our deportation laws. Until this law passed, prohibitions on terrorist-related activities applied only to aliens attempting to enter the U.S. but not for aliens who already reside within our borders.

Congressman Camp supported the REAL ID Act to increase our border security and protect our homeland. These important, commonsense reforms also enacted the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission.

These serious and necessary measures supported by Congressman Camp include implementing much needed driver's license safeguards, closing asylum loopholes for illegal aliens, strengthening deportation laws and defending our borders by ensuring the timely completion of the U.S./Mexico border fence.

For too long, Dave believes much of the attention and resources to curb illegal immigration has been directed to the southern border with Mexico to the determent of our northern border. Michigan is particularly at risk because we share a large, common border with Canada. Dave believes we must continue to allow legal travel as well as commerce to flow to and from Canada, while stepping up efforts to stop illegal entry along our northern border.

Congressman Camp supported the Border Security and Immigrations Enforcement Act to provide increased resources at the northern as well as southern borders and revitalizing immigration enforcement. Additionally, Congressman Camp's support was crucial in allowing enforcement agencies increased abilities to identify, apprehend and deport illegal aliens in the U.S.

Dave strongly supports addressing border issues and providing whatever is necessary to create smart and secure borders that keep terrorists and illegal aliens out of America without stopping the flow of commerce or legitimate travel.

Lax standards and loopholes allowed the 9/11 terrorists to obtain driver's licenses and move freely around the country. Dave knew we needed to quickly move to fix the gaps in the system and require stricter standards of identification. That is why Congressman Camp supported legislation that requires aliens to provide official documentation as proof that they are in the country legally when applying for a driver's license as well as require aliens to present papers and a driver's license before boarding an airplane or entering into a federal building. This law prevents those who have illegally or unlawfully entered the U.S. from obtaining valid identification.

In 1996, Congressman Camp supported building a 14-mile fence near San Diego. Construction of the fence was halted when environmentalists claimed the area was habitat for a rare bird. Tweleve years later the fence remains incomplete and a popular border crossing for aliens to enter the U.S. unimpeded. This law mandates the completion of this important fence.

Dave most recently voted for the Secure Fence Act that requires a 850-mile fence to be built on the southern border. Congressman Camp will work tirelessly to ensure the funds are there to construct all 850 miles.

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