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Issue Position: Terrorism

Issue Position


Terrorism: Security at Home, Security in the World

As a former member of the Homeland Security Committee, Congressman Camp knows our soldiers around the globe, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan, are engaged in a life and death struggle for our safety. Dave will continue to support the war on terror and use the unsurpassed power of the U.S. armed forces to hunt down terrorists in the shadows where they hide and plot against innocent Americans.

Congressman Camp continues to support full funding for our military to ensure that our fighting men and women on the front lines have the best resources. Dave believes we must take the fight to the terrorists, so that we do not have to fight them in the streets of U.S. cities. Every penny spent on our armed forces allows our military to find the terrorists and destroy their networks so we can prevent another 9/11.

Winning the war on terror is critical not only for our own freedom, but for the freedom and stability of the world. Congressman Camp believes we need to support our troops in harm's way, defeat those who threaten us, and win the war for the cause of freedom and liberty.

Congressman Camp has supported strengthening our military by increasing defense spending by more than one-third, the most in a generation and believes we need a lighter, more flexible and more lethal force to better able to deal with new threats to our national security.

Dave will also continue to support our military families and veterans. With an effort led by Congressman Camp, basic pay for service members has increased by more than 20 percent. That figure is more than a 50 percent increase when added with a pay boost for food and housing. Also, legislation supported by Dave has allowed more than 2.5 million veterans to enroll for health care; outpatient visits to increase from 44 million to 54 million; the number of prescriptions filled to increase from 98 million to 116 million; and the opening of many more community-based clinics, including one in Clare, to better serve rural areas.

Congressman Camp has supported significant funding increases for homeland security, including more than $18 billion that has been awarded to state and local governments to protect the homeland. Dave believes we need to continue our focus on six key areas: intelligence and warning; border and transportation security; domestic counter terrorism; protecting critical infrastructure; defending against catastrophic threats; and emergency preparedness and response. Congressman Camp also believes it is necessary to transform the FBI into a terror prevention agency and give them the tools they need to keep us safe at home.

Continued progress in Iraq is also important to Dave. A free and democratic Iraq is an important in dismantling global terror and to keep us safe at home. By taking the fight to the enemy abroad, we prevent any opportunity for them to attack the homeland.

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