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The Sanford Herald - Gubernatorial Hopeful in Sanford

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The Sanford Herald - Gubernatorial Hopeful in Sanford

Charlotte Mayor Pat Mc Crory, the Republican candidate for governor of North Carolina, swung through the city for the second time in a month Tuesday on his way to a private fundraiser with local Republicans. During his stop in Sanford, Mc Crory touched on issues such as offshore oil exploration, education reform and public safety.

"Before I got into this race, nobody was talk­ing about public safety," he said. "We've got a serious gang problem in this state. I've been pushing for gang legislation for four years."

Mc Crory said the reason young people are attracted to gangs is because the concept of the family has been abandoned.

"With the breakdown of the American family, we've got children choosing the family of gangs and not the family of God," he said.

The Charlotte mayor also called on his Democratic opponent, Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue, to agree to more debates.

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