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New Bern Sun Journal - Gubernatorial Candidate McCrory Visits Craven County

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New Bern Sun Journal - Gubernatorial Candidate McCrory Visits Craven County

Gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory supports drilling for natural gas reserves off North Carolina's coast.

"It's time to look for energy solutions for our country," McCrory said Wednesday in New Bern. "We can't be independent if we are relying on Venezuela, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Russia. ... We are hypocrites if we aren't willing to drill ... for natural gas. Eastern North Carolina should participate in the energy solutions for North Carolina and for the country."

McCrory said he believes both deep-sea exploration and drilling for reserves would create jobs for North Carolinians and would not hurt coastal tourism.

"I advocate using 35 percent of the money for travel and tourism and ... replenishing the beaches," he said.

He disputes the notion that it would take at least 30 years before consumers would see the benefits of coastal drilling.

"Even if it takes 20 years, how long are we going to wait before we do something to help the next generation?" he asked.

McCrory spent much of the day in New Bern, his first visit here since securing the Republican nomination for governor. He faces Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue, the Democratic nominee, in November's election.

McCrory toured BSH Home Appliance Corporation, spoke during the Craven County Republican Women's luncheon and attended the grand opening of the Craven County Republican Party's headquarters on Trent Road.

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