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Issue Position: Core Values

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Core Values

Democracy, the Rule of Law & Human Rights

Sean believes that our constitutional republic was founded on the will or consent of the people. "We the people" express our consent or disapproval, among other ways, by voting--the very voice of democracy. And, democracy is closely tied with the rule of law, that is, no citizen—and no lawmaker--is above the law.

The rule of law springs from unchangeable, matchless rights. According to our nation's founders, we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, "…that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." If we remain committed to democracy, to the rule of law and respect human rights for all, our country will thrive for generations to come.


As an Alaska legislator, Sean always was and remains pro-life. While serving in the legislature, Sean voted for parental consent legislation and voted to ban partial birth abortions. He will continue to be a vote and a voice for the unborn, as well as for the women and families needing support during these difficult times.

Marriage & Family

Sean believes that marriage between a man and a woman and the family is the core unit of Alaska and of humanity. Without healthy, functioning families children grow up abandoned, rejected, and wounded. They pay the price and society bears the cost--in more ways than we can count. Government policy must enable parents to make healthy choices for their own families and increase that individual opportunity and liberty for all, while protecting the defenseless.

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