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Issue Position: Fiscal Policy: Limit Government Spending/Fight Increased Taxation

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Issue Position: Fiscal Policy: Limit Government Spending/Fight Increased Taxation

Government spending is out of control, and raising taxes is NOT the answer. Sean Parnell supports curbing government spending and making federal agencies more accountable for their spending. Sean believes, "It's the people's money, not government's."

Our national deficit stands at $410 billion (2008), the second largest in US history. Our national debt is $9 trillion. Over the next several decades the U.S. faces a true fiscal deficit of $53 trillion. This unfunded, unsustainable growth significantly impairs our nation's economic future and saddles individual Alaskans, indeed every American, with something akin to a debt of $175,000 per person—or $455,000 per household. Source: Nat'l Journal, 3/15/08.

To ensure a stronger economy we must take action to live within our means as a nation. Sean supports open & transparent budgeting, a balanced budget, statutory budget controls and spending caps/limits.

Sean has made solid public policy decisions during tough economic times in a leadership post. In 1999, when oil prices were at $9 per barrel he was the Alaska State Senate Finance Co-Chair. Alaska faced a billion dollar deficit in a $2.3 billion general fund budget. He worked with his colleagues to cut state spending. They focused on Alaska's constitutional priorities of education, public safety, and transportation. Sean helped enforce spending limits and voted against implementing a state income tax. Even in those difficult financial times, Sean ensured the district he represented got its fair share of needed infrastructure improvements, like road improvements and safety upgrades in our schools.

As our representative in Congress, Sean will continue to protect the Alaskan taxpayer through responsible budget practices.

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