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Condemning 1994 Attack on Argentine Jewish Center

Location: Washington, DC

CONDEMNING 1994 ATTACK ON ARGENTINE JEWISH CENTER -- (House of Representatives - July 15, 2008)


Ms. BERKLEY. I want to thank Chairman Berman for yielding some time, and my dear friend, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Congresswoman from Florida, for being the prime sponsor of this resolution.

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to remember the victims of the July 18, 1994, attack on the AMIA Jewish Community Center in Argentina. I remember being rocked to my very core when I learned of this unprecedented and ruthless attack against innocent members of the Jewish community in Argentina when I first learned of it 14 years ago.

This vicious attack, which killed 85 innocent people, has been linked strongly to Hezbollah and to the government of Iran. We know all too well that Iran's saber rattling has become far more alarming of late. Hezbollah is gaining strength in Lebanon and anti-Israel, anti-Jewish groups have threatened Jewish targets all over the globe.

It is therefore vital we do everything we can to bring the perpetrators of this attack to justice. With this resolution, we applaud Argentina's efforts and urge our own President to provide law enforcement support to the government of Argentina. We also call on the Saudi regime to stop turning a blind eye to this growing threat and choose to help, rather than hinder, those who are fighting terrorists in their Middle East neighborhood.

Lastly, and perhaps most important, we ask all the nations of the western hemisphere to stand together in calling Hezbollah what it truly and really is, a terrorist organization, and not just a political party.

I thank the gentleman for yielding, and I urge support for this resolution.


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