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Harry Doesn't Do It Again

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Harry Doesn't Do It Again

Susan Bitter Smith, Republican candidate for Arizona's Fifth Congressional District, again took Harry Mitchell to task for continuing to support the Democratic Leadership in preventing amendments from being offered on energy legislation.

"Today marks the third time in a week that the Democrats have secured the vote of Harry Mitchell to prevent the mere discussion on the House floor for such common sense amendments to their energy plan as drilling in coastal waters and in ANWR," said Bitter Smith. "It's past time for Harry to listen to his constituents and stop bowing to the wishes of his party bosses."

The average price of gas has gone up by more than 40 percent in the past year. In 2006, Mitchell called rising gas prices "one of the most costly hidden taxes on the American people." Interestingly, the most recent energy legislation to be passed out of the House with Mitchell's approval will send $80 million to Chicago to subsidize subway fares for Rahm Emanuel's constituents. Emanuel was in Phoenix last week to raise money for Mitchell and other Democrats.

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