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Fortenberry Calls for New Vision of Sustainable Energy Future


Location: Lincoln, NE

Fortenberry Calls for New Vision of Sustainable Energy Future

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry today commented on the need for a new energy strategy in America.

"The American people need a bold, new energy vision. Congress must act now and examine the full range of energy options in our portfolio.

"Responsible domestic production, including offshore exploration and development in an environmentally responsible manner, can help increase our energy independence while building a bridge to a more sustainable energy future. We must also fully integrate conservation, new technologies, and a variety of renewable sources such as wind, solar, geothermal, and biofuels into our energy strategy.

"As we move aggressively to build capacity for sustainable energy, Congress should encourage the creative and innovative role of small entrepreneurs. Nebraskans are helping lead the way. A hog farmer near Dodge now captures methane from animal waste and uses it to create electricity that can power up to forty homes. Another entrepreneur near Lyons operates a working, completely self-sufficient Energy Farm. He recently testified before the House Small Business Committee about the next generation of biofuels, traveling to Washington in a vehicle powered entirely by biodiesel he produced. In Jackson, an ethanol plant owned by a farmers' cooperative is powered in part by methane collected from the local municipal landfill. Small entrepreneurs are yearning to be engaged in finding new ways to think about and use energy in America."

Fortenberry has advanced policies to help shape a new energy strategy. In the recently passed Farm Bill, Fortenberry's Rural Energy Self-Sufficiency Initiative would provide support to rural communities seeking to become self-sufficient in energy production through the use of renewable sources such as wind and solar, biomass, biofuels, and biogas. Fortenberry is also the cosponsor of legislation to extend the tax credits designed to promote renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.

For more on Congressman Fortenberry's vision for energy, view the video clip of his recent speech on the House floor, "America's Energy Future," at

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