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Pickering Introduces Sudden Cardiac Arrest Resolution

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC


Congressman Aims to Raise Awareness of Leading Killer

Tuesday, Congressman Chip Pickering (R-MS) along with Congresswoman Lois Capps (D-CA), introduced a concurrent resolution designating October as National Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Awareness Month (HCON 393). The resolution aims to raise awareness about the risk of SCA, improve the public's ability to identify warning signs, encourage individuals to seek medical attention in a timely manner and promote the need for further research into the causes of this leading killer.

"Each year, more than 250,000 Americans, including 10,000 of my fellow Mississippians, die needlessly due to SCA," said Pickering. "I'm proud that Mississippi has been a leader in educating the public about SCA and was the first in the nation to hold a statewide symposium on the topic. The nation has made great strides in fighting some of our country's deadliest killers and now we must dedicate our time, attention and resources to better understand SCA."

"Recent events, such as the passing of Tim Russert, underscore the importance for an awareness month dedicated to SCA and I urge my colleagues to show their support by passing this resolution," adds Pickering.

SCA occurs when the heart stops working and no blood can be pumped to the rest of the body. In essence, the heart's electrical system malfunctions. Ninety-five percent of those who experience SCA die because they do not receive life-saving defibrillation within 4 to 6 minutes, before brain and permanent death start to occur. It can happen to people of all ages without warning, and even when there are warning signs most do not recognize them.

The resolution is supported by the Heart Rhythm Society, the American Heart Association and the 29 organizations that comprise the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Coalition. For more information about SCA, log on to or

Congressman Chip Pickering represents Mississippi's Third Congressional District and serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Pickering is co-chair of the Heart and Stroke Coalition. This is his sixth term

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