Hulshof to Focus on Job Creation

Press Release

By:  Kenny Hulshof
Date: July 25, 2008
Location: Columbia, Mo

Hulshof to Focus on Job Creation

Kenny Hulshof is kicking off a 10 day statewide tour to talk about job creation and ways to bolster Missouri's business climate. Hulshof will visit over 25 small businesses and business organizations to discuss the challenges facing Missouri's employers and ways to move our state's economy forward by providing family-supporting jobs.

"The answer to so many of our state's challenges begins with strong employment opportunities for all Missourians," said Hulshof. "It's a simple formula: When Missouri families have reliable, well-paying jobs, they thrive. It will be a priority of my administration to crate an economic environment that helps produce these jobs that allow Missourians to achieve their dreams."

One of Hulshof's goals on this tour is to tout some of the advantages Missouri already has when it comes to fostering a family-supporting jobs environment. For example:

* Missouri has one of the most diversified economies in the nation.
* Factoring in insurance, business and living costs, Missouri's business climate ranks in the Top 15 in America.
* Missouri's geography provides a significant transportation advantage. Our state is within 500 miles of ½ of the households and spending in the United States.
* Missouri has a highly educated workforce, in secondary and higher education and in technical training.
* Missouri has a stable regulatory environment.
* Missouri's litigation reform laws rank among the best in America.

Hulshof has previously unveiled a package of proposals to enhance the state's business climate and he's eager to hear more ideas from Missouri's small business owners.

"Small business is the backbone of our nation's economy," Hulshof said. "Jobs and the economy are on everyone's mind right now. We need to acknowledge the positive steps that have been taken and look forward to positive steps that should be taken in the future to put Missouri to work."

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