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Stender Calls on Lance to Join Her in Standing Up to Big Oil

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Location: Fanwood, NJ

Stender Calls on Lance to Join Her in Standing Up to Big Oil

"President Bush and Republicans in Washington side with Big Oil while we pay $4 a gallon - that's why we need real change now"

Yesterday, the Bush Administration and Senate Republicans helped block the Consumer First Energy Act, which would have ended $17 billion worth of tax breaks for Big Oil and instead used that money to invest in renewable energy sources. The legislation would have added a "windfall" profits tax on Big Oil companies, and would have helped end price-gouging that is driving gas prices to record highs.

On the same day, gas prices rose to over $4.04 per gallon, marking the fifth consecutive increase and fourth straight record-setting day for the price Americans are paying at the pump.

"Gas prices are skyrocketing and New Jersey families are hurting," said Linda Stender, candidate for Congress in New Jersey's 7th District. "While New Jersey families struggle to pay record prices at the pump, Big Oil companies continue to benefit from tax breaks and record profits. Former Republican Leader Leonard Lance supports more of the same failed policies of the past seven years, and foolishly advocates for a policy of drilling that stalls America's move toward energy independence."

"I call upon my Republican opponent to join me in opposing the Bush Administration's reckless policies of tax breaks for Big Oil and a refusal to invest in renewable energy sources, which hurts New Jersey families. In Congress, I will always put New Jersey families first. That's why in Washington, I will work to develop a sustainable national energy policy that lowers gas prices, by ending our dangerous dependence on foreign oil and investing in renewable energy sources. We owe it to our children and grandchildren's generations to make America safer, and ensure we create a cleaner, greener world," Stender said.

Linda Stender is from Fanwood, NJ, where she and her husband Richard raised their three children and still reside today. Stender currently represents the 22nd Legislative District in the New Jersey Assembly, where she has championed policies that benefit working families.

Background information:

# Gas prices reached a record high today, with the average American paying $4.05 per gallon. [AAA, accessed 6/11/08]
# New Jersey families are paying an average of $3.96 per gallon today. [AAA, accessed 6/11/08]
# Five years ago, gas prices in our country averaged $1.50 per gallon. [, accessed 6/11/08]
# The price of a gallon of gas has increased over 30 cents just in the past month, jumping from the already-high $3.72 to $4.05 [AAA, accessed 6/11/08]
# A CNN poll released last week reveals that 59 percent of Americans believe it is very likely they will pay $5 per gallon by the end of the year, and another 27 percent believe this is somewhat likely. [The Washington Post, 6/10/08]
# The average American household is spending more than $4,000 annually on fuel costs [, accessed 6/11/08]
# Energy costs - electricity, gasoline, and heating - now account for about 6.5 of the average American family's budget, and about 10 percent of annual budgets for lower income families. [Washington Post, 6/10/08]
# Reports released yesterday showed that as crude oil prices soared in the month of April, America's trade deficit reached the highest level in 13 months. The gap between our nation's imports and exports rose 7.8 percent in April, to $60.9 billion, the largest gap in over a year. [The Star Ledger, 6/11/08]

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