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Location: Washington, DC



Mr. BROUN of Georgia. I thank my friend for yielding. And I appreciate the comments that my colleague, Congressman Franks, made.

I served on a board of directors for a crisis pregnancy center in the inner city of Atlanta. We were geared towards trying to save babies of African American moms in the inner city of Atlanta.

I'm a medical doctor. And the whole crux of this discussion comes to the decision of when life begins. I introduced the Sanctity of Human Life Act of 2007 that defines scientifically that life begins at fertilization. And it's described when the cell of the spermatozoa enters the cell wall of the ova site and forms a one-celled human being called a zygote. And my bill gives the right of personhood to that one-celled human being, whether they're black or white or any people group.

And I know, as a medical doctor, that that's when life begins. And we have to save life. If a Nation will not protect the most innocent of human beings, what will it protect? And we are killing 4,000 babies every day, black and white. There are more black babies being killed than there are white babies proportionally, and that's the reason why I was on that board of directors for many years. And thankfully, we have it open and we're serving the inner city of Atlanta right now with that crisis pregnancy center.

But we've got to stop the killing of these children, black and white, of all colors, because God cannot continue to bless America while we're killing 4,000 babies every day and while we're funding an organization like Planned Parenthood. We have to stop the funding of that organization. And I just encourage all my colleagues of this House to understand that life begins at fertilization, and we've got to stop the killing as a Nation.


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