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Democrats Help Rebuild Economy

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. JOHNSON of Georgia. Mr. Speaker, with the price of groceries, gasoline and health care rising every day, Americans everywhere are feeling the economic squeeze. They worry about losing their jobs and their homes, and they fear losing their standard of living.

The Democratic Congress has led the way in working to jump start the American economic recovery by approving $107 billion in stimulus checks that have already reached 76 million homes.

With job losses exceeding 324,000 this year, with 48,000 having been lost in the month of May alone, we acted quickly last week to extend unemployment benefits for millions of workers who are having a hard time finding a job. These benefits will help struggling families put food on the table and gas in their cars.

Congress has passed the most comprehensive legislation responding to the devastating housing crisis. The package will help millions of families avoid foreclosure, and it will rehabilitate properties in areas hit hard by the housing crisis.

Mr. Speaker, this is a good beginning, but we must do more to alleviate the economic hurt Americans are enduring, and we must work together to turn the failed Bush-McCain economy around.

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