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A Note From Jeff


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A Note From Jeff

It's time for Washington to stop playing games. There's just too much at stake.

Our families are faced with an economic one-two punch. For starters, the price of gas has increased more than 70 percent since the Democrats took over in Congress. This was the party that just two years ago said they had the answers? They don't even understand the questions.

Secondly, as if the price at the pump isn't bad enough, it's hitting almost every aspect of how we live. The groceries we buy, our commute to and from work, heating and cooling our homes - all of those things are touched by the price of oil.

The Democrats' solution is to tax gasoline. In reality, the first step should be based on tried-and-true economics: Produce more domestic oil.

The price of gas isn't just an economic issue. It's a national security issue, too.

As a nation, we have to be more self-reliant. We need to use our resources wisely, and we should be exploring for more energy within our national boundaries, along the continental shelf, in Anwar. Too many times, we've seen once-friendly oil-producing nations accept our help, yet tighten or cut off oil supplies to the United States. We must decrease our dependency on foreign oil.

We have to stop handicapping our own best interests by refusing to build more refineries. We cannot afford to be held hostage by nations that are not friendly to us. We need to drill in American soil to produce American oil for Americans. If we're ever going to pay less at the pump, we must drill and refine more domestic oil and gas.

We have abundant resources within the United States. The potential for oil production just within Louisiana is outstanding. We have oil reserves in other states. We know where they are, but massive amounts of government red tape stand between us and energy independence.

Should we be concerned with energy conservation? Absolutely. Our parents and grandparents lived in a waste-not, want-not world, and we should, too. However, the Democrats' answer means only the rich will be able to afford a tank of gas. The common-sense solution is to combine more production with conservation. The larger supply with a moderated demand will drive down the price of fuel.

It's time to get Washington out of the way and out of our wallets. Every gallon of gas we generate here at home is a gallon we don't have to buy from foreign countries.

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