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Steer DRIVE Act to Floor

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. KINGSTON. Mr. Speaker, you know one thing that this Congress is not doing is sitting down and really trying to figure out where the Democrats and the Republicans agree on this energy challenge. ELIOT ENGEL and I 2 years ago sat down and wrote a bill called the DRIVE Act. We left off drilling and we left off cafe standards; and we asked, what is it that builds the most consensus?

That bill takes us off of Mid East oil by the year 2025. It is something that should come to the floor. It makes sense. It has a lot of commonsense things, like ending the tariff on imported Brazilian surplus ethanol.

Think about that for a minute. Brazil has surplus ethanol that they are ready to sell to us right now, and we have a tariff on it. It is absurd. That is just one component of the DRIVE Act that makes sense. And I request that we bring this bill to the floor of the House for a good bipartisan debate and hopefully a good bipartisan passage.

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