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Energy Focus of New Ad by Mark Gordon

Press Release

Location: Buffalo, WY

Energy Focus of New Ad by Mark Gordon

Mark Gordon, a Republican candidate for U.S. House, has started a new television campaign. The first ad takes on the pressing issue of energy prices and our nation's energy security.

Gordon shares his view that American energy sources are vital for the nation's future, while that effort to find more domestic energy must not happen at the expense of the Wyoming way of life with increased production of gas, coal, uranium and oil. "Our state will lead the way, but we must fight for energy development on Wyoming's terms," Gordon says in the ad. He goes on to talk about how the energy plan he has developed as part of his Wyoming Solutions includes a diversity of energy sources.

All of this reflects Gordon's view that common sense and practical experience are the way to tackle major policy questions like a national energy plan. Gordon worked for Apache Corp., a major integrated energy company, at the director level as well as with conservation groups. "This is what I bring to the table in this race," Gordon says. "I have worked across the spectrum on energy and have seen firsthand how to do energy development right. How to do it on Wyoming's terms."

Gordon has personal experience with coal-bed methane wells being drilled on the U Cross Ranch, which Gordon managed. He also was the chair of the state's Environmental Quality Council, which did rulemaking to implement Wyoming environmental laws.

Script below:

ANNOUNCER: Spiraling fuel costs threaten our economy and our security

MG: Our state will lead the way, but we must fight for energy development on Wyoming's terms…

My plan balances clean coal, natural gas, nuclear and renewable technologies to provide affordable energy while protecting Wyoming's open spaces and way of life…

Wyoming Solutions, not Washington's, will get the job done

ANNOUNCER: Read Mark Gordon's plan today at

MG: I'm Mark Gordon and I approve this message

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