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Welcome to My Website

Businessman and Rancher Mark Gordon announced from the steps of the Johnson County Courthouse in Buffalo, WY, that he is launching his Republican campaign for Congress to take back government from professional politicians and Washington insiders to promote and diversify Wyoming's economy while protecting its future.

"For too long our Federal Government has been stocked with folks who put the interests of Washington and people elsewhere ahead of what makes sense for Wyoming," said Gordon. "People all over the state and the nation are calling for new blood, fresh ideas, and leaders willing to listen and able to think outside government, outside the beltway, who have the kind of proven business and ranching experience needed to bring about sensible change."

For Gordon, the decision to run was one he did not make lightly. "I grew up, as most hard working people do, knowing: ‘if you're going to complain you better be ready to do the job'," said Gordon. "Well, I'm ready, and like most folks here in Wyoming, I'm tired of the partisanship in Congress, the divisiveness - our government has failed us."

A successful small businessman and rancher, Mark Gordon possesses an invaluable perspective on some of Wyoming's most important issues.

"My top priorities in congress will be to protect and advance each of Wyoming's most important economic sectors: from ranching and agriculture, to clean coal and natural gas production, to tourism and land conservation," said Gordon. "We need to protect and promote those things that have allowed this state to prosper. And we need to do all of that while thinking of the future and what we will leave for our children."

"As a small businessman, I also understand that we need to address the issues of providing access to affordable healthcare for small businesses as they are some of the most important economic drivers for diversification in Wyoming."

"Whether it's simplifying the tax code, securing our border, or improving our education system, career politicians beholden to powerful interest groups have failed us nationwide," said Gordon. "It's time we stopped bickering and got down to the real work at hand. There is plenty to do and we are burning daylight while we argue."

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