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Blackburn to Ways and Means Leaders: Make Sales Tax Deductibility Permanent


Location: Washington, DC

Blackburn to Ways and Means Leaders: Make Sales Tax Deductibility Permanent

American Families Deserve Tax Equity and Predictability

Congressman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), who successfully restored sales tax deductibility for Tennessee in 2003, led her bi-partisan colleagues from Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming in calling on House Ways and Means Chairman Charlie Rangel and Ranking Member Jim McCrery to make sales tax deductibility permanent.

"The issues of fairness, certainty and predictability in our tax code should be of utmost importance to this Congress, especially in light of our nation's current economic condition. During these trying economic times, we believe that it is critical for our constituents to know whether a tax deduction or incentive will be available in the future so that they can make informed decisions about their finances." (Text of 4/17/08 letter to Chairman Rangel and Ranking Member McCrery)

"Tennesseans deserve the same right to deduct state taxes from their federal income tax as residents of other states. Our tax code allows taxpayers who pay state income tax to make that deduction, but penalizes those of us who pay a state sales tax. The House must restore equity to Tennessee taxpayers."

How the Sales Tax Deduction Affected Tennessee in 2005:

* The largest group claiming the sales tax deduction was families making less than $50,000.00 a year.

* 22% of all Tennessee income tax returns claimed the sales tax deduction.

* In total, Tennesseans claimed $1.23 billion.

* On average, the deduction reduced Tennessee tax bills by $551.

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