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ABC News Charleston - Senator Lindsey Graham Campaigns in Ladson

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Location: Ladson, SC

ABC News Charleston - Senator Lindsey Graham Campaigns in Ladson

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (web|news|bio) is campaigning in the Lowcountry tonight.

The South Carolina senator is running for re-election and was in Ladson today. Graham spoke at a campaign rally at the VFW in Ladson this afternoon in hopes of getting what he calls important messages out.

To a room full of veterans, Senator Lindsey Graham talked about what he calls important for their future.

"Social security, immigration, and winning this war," said Graham.

The war, on the forefront of politics today, President Bush (web|news|bio) just sent lawmakers a 70 billion-dollar request to fund U.S. operations in Iraq (web|news) and Afghanistan into next spring.

Something, Graham fully supports and calls cutting funds a grave mistake.

"That tells your enemy the wrong signal. The surge is working. We got a long way to go but if Congress puts a deadline on out time in Iraq, they'll wait us out," said Graham.

Tonight, the talk wasn't only about the war overseas but across the border. Illegal Immigration, an issue Graham says is not going away.

"We tried last year, we failed, were going to try again," said Graham.

And Graham, not only on his own campaign trail, but talk of his top presidential hopeful, John McCain (web|news|bio) .

"John is going to do the hard things, he's going to make sure that when we leave Iraq and we will, that were safer," said Graham.

Senator Lindsey graham faces Buddy Witherspoon on the June tenth's primary.

Graham will remain in the Lowcountry. Tomorrow, he is set to speak at the citadel's commencement ceremony.

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