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Bush's Budget Priorities Wrong for America


Location: Washington, DC

Bush's Budget Priorities Wrong for America

House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn today released the following statement regarding the federal budget released by the Bush Administration.

"Today, with the release of his unrealistic and uncompassionate budget proposal, the President has cemented his legacy as one of our nation's worst fiscal managers ever. Instead of working with Congress to secure our nation's entitlement programs, this Administration has consistently sought to undermine America's seniors and aging baby boomer population by refusing to adequately invest in our Medicare and Social Security programs.

"With our federal budget deficits expecting to reach near record levels in fiscal years 2008 and 2009, this Administration continues to irresponsibly advocate for permanent tax cuts for the super-rich while average hard working American families struggle to make ends meet. With our current fiscal year debt likely to exceed $410 billion, this President prefers extending enhanced tax incentives to millionaires and billionaires rather than developing a fiscally inclusive budget that properly protects our homeland, upgrades our public health systems, and invest in our education systems.

"Our economy is underperforming, our housing markets are faltering and the American people are ready for a New Direction that returns us to the days of budget surpluses, steady job growth, and overall economic prosperity. This reality can only be achieved by the President cooperatively working with the Congress in a bipartisan and bicameral way that prioritizes the needs of all Americans and not just the privileged few."

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