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Congressman Kline Joins Bipartisan Effort to Oppose Bill That Discourages American Energy

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman John Kline joined a bipartisan effort in the U.S. House of Representatives today to reject yet another "do nothing" energy bill because it will discourage and slow down American production and could further increase gas prices at the pump. Nearly a dozen Democrats stood with 162 Republicans to successfully stop H.R. 6515 because it does not open up any new American lands to domestic energy exploration and production in an environmentally responsible way.

"The Democrats can pretend that they are dealing with the energy crisis, but Americans are asking us to provide real solutions to reduce their pain at the pump and this bill doesn't do that," Congressman Kline said. "We need to offer real energy reform. Congress should pass legislation that increases American supply in all forms while simultaneously encouraging increased conservation."

The bill that was successfully stopped today included no provisions that would increase America's supply of energy. By increasing the bureaucracy and red tape surrounding the exploration of American energy, this bill would drive oil and gas production from the U.S., lowering our supply. The Democrats have put our most promising energy resources under lock and key: ANWR contains 10.4 billion barrels of oil, but is 100 percent closed (U.S. Geological Survey); OCS contains 86 billion barrels of oil, but is 97 percent closed (U.S. Minerals Management Service). This bill does not open either ANWR or the OCS to exploration.

Congressman Kline embarked on a daylong energy resources tour on July 8th in Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District to receive updates from energy officials about the variety of new, clean, and reliable sources of energy being produced in Minnesota. Congressman Kline started the tour by visiting a transit station where he heard from constituents and learned how the rising cost of gasoline is affecting their daily lives. His comprehensive energy tour also included stops at Pine Bend Refinery in Rosemount, the Hastings Hydropower Plant at Lock and Dam No. 2 on the Mississippi River, the Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant in Welch, a Red Wing "energy from waste" facility, and the Carleton College Wind Turbine in Northfield. To read more about the energy tour and view photos, please visit

In order to increase domestic production in all forms, Congressman Kline continues to support legislation that:

- Embraces renewable energies like wind, solar and biomass
- Emphasizes the need to develop new energy sources like cellulosic ethanol, regular ethanol and biodiesel
- Advances clean and affordable nuclear power
- Allows domestic oil exploration and production in environmentally responsible ways
- Builds new oil refineries
- Employs clean-coal technology
- Encourages conservation

In his third term in Congress, Congressman Kline is a member of the House Ethics Committee, the Education and Labor Committee, and the Armed Services Committee.

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