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Mitchell Lacks Energy to Impact Gas Vote

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Mitchell Lacks Energy to Impact Gas Vote

Liberal Democrat Harry Mitchell today passed on a key opportunity to help forge an American energy policy that would lower gas prices by increasing exploration. Mitchell supported the Democratic Leadership in preventing amendments from being offered such as drilling in coastal waters and in ANWR.

"With gas above $4 a gallon, it is outrageous that Harry and the Democrats continue to ignore opportunities to make commonsense changes to our energy policy," said Susan Bitter Smith. "There is little doubt that it is time to Drill Here and Drill Now.

"The United States can no longer afford as a national security concern or economically to rely on unstable governments in unstable regions for our immediate energy supply."

Bitter Smith called on Mitchell to do something to help his constituents and all Americans by convincing his party's leadership to allow the key votes needed to bring U.S. energy policy in line with present day realities.

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