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Boccieri (Still) Not Registered to Vote in the 16th District

Press Release

Location: Canton, OH

Just 109 days before the November election, Youngstown Senator John Boccieri is still not registered to vote in the 16th Congressional District, according to Stark County Board of Elections Records. Boccieri has been campaigning for Congress in the 16th District for over a year (since May 8, 2007), but he has yet to move into the district or register to vote in the district he's hoping to represent.

What Boccieri is doing is not illegal, but it is remarkably arrogant and dismissive of the voters of the 16th Congressional District, who deserve a Congressman who lives among them and understands their concerns and problems.

"How can he expect the voters of the 16th District to vote for him when he isn't from here, apparently doesn't live here, and can't even vote here?" said Sen. Kirk Schuring.

This voter non-registration update comes on the heels of evidence voters understand the game Boccieri is playing here. It follows a strong fundraising quarter for the Schuring campaign and a Tarrance Group poll showing Senator Schuring leading Boccieri by 6 points in the District.

"The voters of this district deserve a Congressman who is from this district, running for this district, and proposing real common sense conservative solutions to the problems we face," said Senator Schuring. "Washington is broken and the voters in our district want real change that will be good for our pocketbooks. We need to create jobs, drill for oil, explore new energy technologies, and make healthcare more affordable. My opponent still refuses to allow Americans to drill for oil so that we can pay lower prices at the pump right now."

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