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McCrory Unveils Comprehensive Conservation and Energy Plan

Press Release

Location: Asheville, NC

McCrory Unveils Comprehensive Conservation and Energy Plan

Highlights key differences with Perdue's defense of status quo

Mayor Pat McCrory, the Republican nominee for governor, today presented a ten point comprehensive conservation and energy plan at the North Carolina Press Association candidate forum in Asheville. Below is a statement from McCrory:

"High energy prices are bruising our state's manufacturing, farming and tourism industries and are directly impacting North Carolinians' ability to provide for their families and to get to work and school. Meanwhile, politicians like Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue defend a failed status quo and close the door ‘100 percent' on common sense solutions to the problem.

"The average family in our state has already spent more on higher gas prices this year than they received in their tax refund check. We may as well have taken money out of the U.S. Treasury and sent it to OPEC and Hugo Chavez! We should be investing in jobs and infrastructure here at home rather than relying on foreign energy sources that fund rogue nations. It's time for us to take a stand, reinvest those billions of dollars into our own back yard and allow North Carolina families and workers to reap the benefits of economic development and energy independence.

"We need a comprehensive policy that explores environmentally friendly energy sources such as wind, solar power, hydrogen fuel cells, clean coal and nuclear power; invests in research for alternative fuel sources; and explores for more American energy sources. We need policies that include tax credits for families and businesses, conservation land banking, research and development at our state's universities and beach renourishment.

"As Chairman of the U.S. Conference of Mayors Committee for the Environment, I consider myself a conservationist. I have enjoyed and valued the beautiful natural resources across North Carolina all my life and want to protect them for future generations. However, we have a clear choice. We can continue to spend billions of dollars a day on an unstable energy policy or we can end our dependence on foreign sources by encouraging conservation, investing in alternative energy technologies and tapping into American sources of energy. Our ability to create jobs, encourage technological advancement and provide for America's national security depends on our willingness to use American resources to provide energy in a responsible and reasonable way."

The following is McCrory's ten point plan:

Conservation and Efficiency Plank
1. Promote mass transit (light rail and clean energy buses that use biodiesel, hybrid or fuel cell technology and natural gas)
2. Encourage land use planning that ensures adequate space for future park and ride facilities, HOV lanes, and future mass and traditional transit corridors. Also encourage revitalization of brown fields to provide more in-fill development and shorter commutes.
3. Require state-owned fleets to convert to vehicles that use alternative energy sources such as biodiesel, hybrid, electric, fuel cell and natural gas.
4. Require higher energy efficiency in state-owned and leased facilities through retrofitting and green development.
5. Provide tax incentives for private homeowners and businesses to follow similar conservation and efficiency efforts in transportation, industry and buildings.

Supply Plank
6. Permit deep sea exploration and development off the coast of North Carolina.
7. Promote the use of natural gas. Only 28 percent of primary energy consumption in the U.S. is utilized by the transportation sector. Natural gas is used for power generation and utilities such as heating and cooking. The Manteo Prospect that lies 37 miles off of North Carolina's coast is estimated to contain 5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.
8. Utilize clean coal technology by upgrading North Carolina's coal-fired plants through incentives to install smokestack scrubbing technology to remove Carbon Dioxide. Also expand the use of coal-to-liquids technology.
9. Expand alternative energy sources such as wind, solar power, hydrogen fuel cells, clean coal and nuclear power.
10. Increase energy research and development at North Carolina's colleges, universities and research centers. That can be funded in part with royalties from deep sea exploration.

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