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Rep. Cole Agrees "The Time for Action is Now"


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Cole Agrees "The Time for Action is Now"

U.S. Congressman Tom Cole (OK-04) gave the following statement today after President Bush announced his intentions to lift the executive ban on offshore oil drilling.

"Seeing the President announce his intentions to lift the executive order that banned offshore drilling is a shameful reminder that Congress has not lifted its own legislative ban," Congressman Cole said. "Congress' outdated ban was put in place at a time when our economy was looking up and gas prices were low. But, today we have different circumstances and an uncertain energy outlook. We need to act now by lifting the legislative ban, a move that will unlock oil and natural gas reserves, create good-paying American-energy jobs and put us on a path towards a more secure energy future."

"Congress has stood in the way of accessing these resources for far too long. It's time for common-sense to prevail and for Congress to come together to listen to the majority of Americans who support off-shore drilling. By repealing the ban we can start tapping into our domestic resources in a responsible way. We have the technology and conservation policies in place that will allow responsible drilling without harming our environment. The President said it best - 'the time for action is now.'"

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