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Congressman Kline Supports Legislation to End 32-Year Oil Refinery Drought

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

In a continuing effort to encourage American-made energy production while promoting energy independence and lower gas prices, Congressman John Kline co-sponsored the "Expand American Refining Capacity on Closed Military Installations Act." This comprehensive energy reform legislation reduces the price of gasoline by streamlining the refinery application process, and requires the President to open at least three closed military bases for new and reliable American refineries.

"It has been more than 30 years since an oil refinery was built in the United States and the time for innovative and environmentally responsible solutions is overdue," said Congressman Kline. "Our ability to refine oil and supply gas and diesel to consumers has not kept pace with the growth in demand. This legislation is one part of a solution to strengthen our nation's energy infrastructure."

In addition to increasing domestic production, Congressman Kline has supported efforts to explore long-term energy solutions, encourage new technologies such as wind, solar and biomass, and advance a real energy plan that increases American supplies in all forms.

Congressman Kline has been calling on Congress to take action to increase production of American energy and help families struggling with the rising cost of living. In addition to the "Expand American Refining Capacity on Closed Military Installations Act," he recently co-sponsored the "No More Energy Excuses Act," the "Main Street U.S.A Energy Security Act," and the "Green Jobs Improvement Act." For more information on those bills and other energy reform legislation Congressman Kline supports, please visit

In his third term in Congress, Congressman Kline is a member of the House Ethics Committee, the Education and Labor Committee, and Armed Services Committee.

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