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Jim Himes Goes on the Air with First TV Ad

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Location: Bridgeport, CT

Jim Himes Goes on the Air with First TV Ad

The Jim Himes for Congress campaign today unveiled their first television ad, viewable online at The biographical ad, entitled "Jimmy," introduces Jim to Connecticut voters through the recollections of those who know him best: the family, friends, mentors, and neighbors who played significant roles in Jim's childhood in a small town growing up in a middle-class family. The ad is currently airing on cable systems in Connecticut's Fourth Congressional district.

"Growing up in a middle class family in a small town, I know how hard work and opportunity can open doors for anyone," said Himes. "As I talk to voters around the district, I hear again and again their desire for a leader who will truly stand up for their priorities in Congress - fixing our economy, making sure healthcare and a quality education is available to all, and bringing our troops home from Iraq and reclaiming our nation's standing in the world."

People featured in the ad:

Bill Kop'Kash: Jim's childhood and high school friend. He owns his own landscaping business.
Judy Himes: Jim's mother. She was a single mom who raised Jim and his two sisters on her own.
Jane Vogel: Jim's High School English teacher and tennis coach. She has since retired.
Bob Stover: He and his wife were the Himes' neighbors when Jim was growing up. He is an electrician.

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