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Issue Position: Environment

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Environment

A cleaner environment means a healthier population, a stronger economy, and a lasting planet for our children and grandchildren.

Farming, fishing, tourism, and other industries require a healthy environment. New technologies that protect the environment will create new high-paying jobs.

Far too many Americans live with unhealthy air or water quality because the Republicans are more interested in letting companies pollute than in protecting our air and water.

Alan wants to end the Bush Administration's obstructionism on the Kyoto Protocol and start addressing the very real issues of global warming and climate change that will affect all of us. Already, over 170 countries have signed and ratified the Kyoto Protocol. The United States is the only country in the world that has said that it has no intention of signing the Kyoto Protocol. That isn't right.

Alan supports a renewable electricity standard of 15% by 2020. We need to encourage greater use of renewable resources. For the same reason that we have fuel economy standards for cars, we need renewable electricity standards for utilities. The House of Representatives passed the renewable electricity standard this year, but the Senate left it out of the Energy Bill. We need this.

Alan supports a law mandating biodegradable consumer packaging. Manufacturers, distributors and retailers simply don't think about whether their packaging is biodegradable. They use what's cheapest and what's marketable, without any regard to the environment. That has to change.

Alan opposes Florida offshore drilling. The people of Florida simply don't want it. The Arctic Refuge, other coastal waters and other vulnerable areas also should be protected from greedy energy companies. These decisions should be made by the people, not by the oil industry lobbyists who populate the Bush Administration.

Alan also favors state "Clean Car" laws, the "Cool Cities" campaign, and cleaning up pollution from coal generating plants.

You can tell a lot about a candidate by the company he keeps. Alan is a long-time member of the following environmental organizations:

*The Sierra Club
*The League of Conservation Voters
*The Nature Conservancy
*The National Wildlife Foundation
*The National Geographic Society

Alan has seen, with his own eyes, Iguazu Falls and Victoria Falls, the beautiful glaciers of Iceland, the stunning coral reefs of the Maldive Islands, and the peak of Mt. Everest. In other words, a love of the environment is not merely a "position" for Alan. It's part of his thinking, and part of his life. It is because of his profound respect for the beauty of the Earth that Alan takes the right stand on every important environmental issue.

As your Congressman, Alan will:

*encourage the signing of a new global climate change treaty
*support standards for renewable energy for electricity
*cap and reduce greenhouse gas pollution and carbon emissions
*promote a law mandating biodegradable consumer packaging
*reward companies that create energy sources that are clean and renewable
*ban drilling for oil off Florida coasts

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