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Issue Position: Energy/Oil

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Energy/Oil

Oil companies are playing games with the American people.

And, the Bush Administration and Republicans in Congress are letting the oil companies get away with it.

When the price of gas in Central Florida has doubled from $1.50 to over $3.00 a gallon in such a short period of time, when we pay $100 for a barrel of oil yet it only costs the Saudis $2 a barrel to produce it, when fuel economy standards have only increased by 5% in the past 25 years even though the technology exists to get more mileage out of every gallon, the oil companies and the Bush Administration are taking advantage of you.

Republicans in Congress are not looking out for our best interests. In fact, they have rewarded the oil companies by giving them huge tax breaks and allowing them to charge you more at the gas pump.

Republicans want to drill for oil off the coasts of Florida and the only thing that can stand in the way of our waters and beaches from being ruined is to elect progressive Democrats like Alan Grayson to Congress.

Paying for Gas"My Democratic opponent believes that by giving even more tax breaks to oil companies and by drilling for oil in the U.S., we will solve our energy crisis. But, that's like giving welfare to a lottery winner," says Alan.

As your Congressman, Alan will:

* promote higher fuel efficiency standards
* reward companies that create energy sources that are clean and renewable
* ban drilling for oil off Florida coasts
* get rid of the tax breaks to oil companies
* ensure that federal energy research is conducted by independent scientists, not oil companies

What does this mean for you?Kids at Beach

You will spend less money on gasoline because you'll be able to drive more miles with the same amount of fuel

You and your family will be able to continue to visit Florida's clean beaches, free from oil, and without having to look at big oil rigs off the coast.

You will have someone in Congress looking out for your best interests, not the oil companies' interests.

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