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Congressman Sires Celebrates the 38th Earth Day


Location: Washington, DC


Today, the United States House of Representatives celebrated Earth Day and recognized the importance of this day and the importance of protecting the planet by passing H.Res. 1117.

Thirty-eight years ago, through the efforts of Senator Gaylord Nelson, Earth Day was created in order to increase knowledge of critical environmental concerns and encourage action to face the challenges of preservation and pollution. In addition to recognizing Earth Day, H.Res. 1117, encourages the Department of Energy to step up its efforts in research, development, and demonstration of renewable energy technology and energy conservation techniques and calls for all sectors of society to work together to ensure that the research and development necessary to uncover solutions to our major environmental problems occurs efficiently and effectively.

"More and more the topics of past Earth Day celebrations have become our everyday concerns," stated Congressman Sires. "Each day we are increasingly aware of the need to find renewable energy sources, as gas prices and air pollution soar. Each day we are faced with the impending extinction of plants and animals throughout the world. And each day Congress is working to help lead the nation towards a brighter and cleaner future."

The 110th Congress has taken many steps to address the global warming crisis. "My colleagues and I are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting renewable energy for the future," stated Congressman Sires. By focusing on expanding the production of clean, alternative energy and reducing the dependence on oil, the country can reduce global warming, create green jobs, and spur economic growth.
"As we celebrate Earth Day, and our accomplishments thus far, it is important to note that much is yet to be done. We must continue to support an efficient economy and seek out clean solutions to our energy needs," concluded Congressman Sires.

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