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Kingston: President's Announcement a Step in the Right Direction

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC


Calls on Congress to allow America to realize its fuel independence

Congressman Jack Kingston (R/GA-1) today praised the President's announcement that he intends to lift the executive ban on offshore drilling.

"This is exactly what our nation needs right now," said Congressman Kingston. "While we cannot drill our way out of the energy crisis, today's announcement is the first step to realizing our fuel independence. America remains the only nation in the world to restrict its domestic energy supply and the President has put the ball in Congress' court. Opening these resources to safe and environmentally sensitive drilling will send a clear message that America will not longer be jerked around by the world's energy producers."

Congressman Kingston, who has been a leading proponent for reducing America's dependence on foreign oil, believes this is just one part of a three-pronged strategy.

"Domestic exploration is step one," Congressman Kingston said. "In order to become truly self reliant with a sustainable energy policy, we must improve conservation as well as innovation in alternative fuels and new, energy-efficient vehicle technologies. It's just like dieting - we need to reduce intake and increase output"

Since 2005, Congressman Kingston has worked with New York Democrat Eliot Engel to advocate legislation that would provide tax credits to expand the research in and production of alternative fuels ranging from biodiesel to ethanol and new vehicle technologies like hybrid electric vehicles or hydrogen-powered cars.

In his effort to identify innovative ways to conserve energy, Congressman Kingston has launched a widely popular energy survey (located at that gauges the public's willingness to conserve energy through a variety of ways including ending Saturday mail service to reducing the speed limit or prohibiting drive through windows. While Congressman Kingston does not endorse all the measures listed in the survey, he believes it's a way to move forward the debate.

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