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Kingston Calls for an End to the Energy Blame-Game

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Continues push for action to reduce gas prices

Congressman Jack Kingston (R/GA-1) today called on his colleagues to stop the energy blame game and bring up legislation that would lower gas prices by opening up American energy resources.

"When bad things happen, it's nice to have a scapegoat," Congressman Kingston said. "With Americans angry about rising fuel prices, Congress is now in search of someone to blame. The blame, however, lies squarely on Congress for not allowing America to realize her energy independence. We remain the only nation in the world that restricts its domestic energy supply but Speaker Pelosi refuses to answer the call of the American people. If we want lower gas prices, we must act now and open our resources to safe and environmentally-sensitive drilling."

Kingston's call for action came during a budget hearing on the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) which regulates futures and options markets like those on which oil is traded. Some believe that speculators trading on these markets are responsible for high gas prices. Congressman Kingston, however, believes that the legal trading is not the culprit.

"If speculators have bonded together in collusion to manipulate prices, they should be punished," said Congressman Kingston. "But we should not attack perfectly legal speculation as a means to divert attention from Congress' failure to act. Democrats are so scared to hold votes on responding to the overwhelming support of the American people by opening domestic resources that they've completely derailed the appropriations process."

Congressman Kingston, who has been a leading advocate of reducing America's dependence on foreign oil, believes that the way to reduce gas prices is through conservation, domestic exploration, and innovation in new vehicle and fuel technologies.

"Americans spend millions of dollars each year on diet books when we all know the answer to losing weight is to eat less and exercise more," said Congressman Kingston. "The same holds true to combating high gas prices - we need to use less, create more and find new ways to fuel our vehicles. Through these three steps, we will bring down gas prices and stop funding both sides of the war on terror."

As part of Kingston's efforts to identify new ways to lower gas prices, he has launched an energy survey available both on the web at as well as by calling any of his local district offices (Baxley: 912-367-7403; Brunswick: 912-265-9010; Savannah: 912-352-0101; Valdosta: 229-247-9188).

Today's hearing was called by the House Agriculture Appropriations Committee, of which Congressman Kingston is the Ranking Member.

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